Our group has one simple goal . . to help senior citizens, handicapped individuals & disabled veterans to enjoy the same quality of service, access & dignity as non seniors & handicapped individuals & disabled veterans. What we are calling for is to add restaurants, meeting rooms and waiting rooms to this list, and an amendment to the Americans with Disabilities Act asking for 5% of the seating capacity to include chairs with arms.

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First thing first ... The strongest tie to any community starts locally. Therefore, we are asking concerned supporters, friends & family members of seniors, handicapped & disabled veterans to call state representative Stuart Bishop at 337-981-7409 or email him at bishops@legis.la.gov and tell them you support Project Armchair ! It won't get done without We The People Power. This will be helping over 1.5 million people in Louisiana alone !

Again, all you need do is contact them and say "I support Project ArmChair !"

Additional info: Ray at  raygreenpatriot@yahoo.com
              Website: ProjectArmChair.com
    Phone: 337-981-4265

We can make a positive difference !! Do it today !!