What this means is you support a state and national movement calling for congress to amend the Americans with Disabilities Act, (AWDA) Title III, Subpart D, Public Accommodations section. This part states places of accommodations include restaurants, hotels, theaters, doctors offices, pharmacies, retail stores, libraries, parks, driver schools and museums.

Our group has one simple goal .. to help senior citizens, handicapped people and disabled veterans to enjoy the same quality of service, access and dignity as non seniors, non handicapped or disabled people/veterans.

What we are calling for is to add restaurants, meeting rooms and waiting rooms to this list.

Currently, the AWDA does not provide adequate seating for some people.  Some seniors, handicapped and disabled people/veterans are unable to stand up from an armless chair and require physical hands on assistance from strangers and/or passer-byers, thereby removing this person’s independence and dignity.

We have made this as simple and easy as we can. No meetings, no fees, no dues, no complications. All we are asking is for you, your family members, friends, senior and handicapped people/veterans to make phone calls, write letters and emails to US Congressmen. These congressmen speak for the entire nation in getting this amendment to AWDA asking for chairs with arms.

We have already paved the way with information to congressmen. Their offices know what you are asking for when you contact them saying you support project armchair. This is all you have to do ! You may or may not choose to add a comment to your individual request. This would affect at least 80 million seniors and handicapped &/or disabled people & veterans nationwide & over 1 million in Louisiana alone !

Call, write, email your state Representative and US Congressmen and ask them to aid us in amending the AWDA by adding under public accommodations section, 5% of seating capacity with armed chairs.

Again, all you need to do it contact them and say “I support Project Armchair !”

US Senator Bill Cassidy – Lafayette  > 337-261-1400
                                    Washington  > 202-224-5824

Additional info; email Ray at raygreenpatriot@yahoo.com

                       Website:  ProjectArmChair.com
                          Phone: 337-981-4265

We Can Make A Positive Difference !!  Do It Today !!

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